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Technology for Better Financial Planning and Products

Our Portfolio


Our current product offering includes a lifespan and healthspan estimation tool at This calculator is used as the starting point for our unique financial planning process and helps drive decisions around...

  • The timing of Social Security income claiming

  • The amount of risk that is appropriate in a portfolio

  • The products that should be incorporated into the plan

  • The amount of income that can be expected

  • How to structure assets and accounts to minimize taxes

  • How to prepare for likely healthcare expenses


Face age is a good indicator of longevity.  If your face age is younger than your biological age, you are likely to live longer than the average person your age.

WFP plans to release a new product in Q4 2023, including facial analytics and spousal comparisons to their existing lifespan and healthspan estimation tool. 


The spousal comparison is crucial in lifespan planning, highlighting the extended period a surviving spouse may spend alone. This addition to the planning process may increase complexity but will provide a more prepared spouse.

  • New client experience with the introduction of a selfie

  • Lifespan and healthspan are determined for each spouse

  • Spousal lifespan and healthspan comparison is completed

  • Further information allows advisors to educate clients about how social security and other income sources may be impacted by the death of a spouse

  • Further information allows advisors to customize the plan to ensure the income needs of a surviving spouse are addressed

  • Spouses become aware of the need to prepare for likely healthcare responsibilities and expenses


We're excited to work on a holistic, full-scale planning solution incorporating lifespan and healthspan assessments.  This new project will be available in Q2 2024.

We're calling our newest project Wealthspan Score™.  The purpose of the latest technology is to help a client determine and quantify their preparedness for retirement.  With some data inputs from advisors, they can identify the current Wealthspan Score™ for a client based on their current financial accounts and situation.

Once the current situation is known, the advisor can make recommendations concerning changes that could be implemented to improve the score for each of the categories analyzed by the tech, which will impact the overall Wealthspan Score™ for the client.

This technology aims to educate clients about how prepared they are for retirement and give advisors an easy way to show how making small changes in different areas of their financial situation can improve their score and probability of having a successful retirement.

- Matthew, Financial Advisor
“The Wealthspan lifespan and healthspan tool has allowed me to differentiate myself and have a conversation with clients that they've never had before.”  
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