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The Science Behind the Technology

While there are other life expectancy calculators on the market, the Wealthspan tool is the only one developed by two world-renowned aging scientists who brought their decades of research and experience to life through the algorithm behind our assessment process.


Our team of aging scientists is world-renowned and has also discovered a significant portion of the knowledge used to teach other aging science students. This makes our assessment tool much different and more accurate than others available.


We use this aging science expertise to emphasize how lifespan, healthspan, and wealth management intersect. 


Our tool is a valuable resource because the estimates are

  • Generated by a team of researchers/academics with extensive experience in survival and healthspan analysis and facial analytics

  • Combining inherited and acquired risk factors, we generate hyper-personalized estimates of lifespan, healthspan, and disabled lifespan for each individual.

  • Created using Facial Analytics as a biomarker for the rate of aging

  • NOT exaggerated for survival or health due to the avoidance of additivity – they’re based on science, NOT hype

  • Used to calculate the probability of surviving to all subsequent ages up to 100

  • Interpolated to the day, not just to age at last or nearest birthday

  • Designed with a comparative analysis for couples to determine Lifespan/Healthspan differentials

  • Able to incorporate genetic analysis based on a 23andMe report or our Generian report to identify genes associated with longevity, health, and Alzheimer’s disease

Download a Life Expectancy Calculator Comparison to
See the WFP Difference
Wealthspan = aging science + wealth management

Retiring comfortably, whether already retired, planning to retire in a few years, or even if retirement is many years away, is very dependent on how people save their money, the decisions they’ve made along the way, and how long they’re likely to live.

How long people are likely to live plays a HUGE role in the retirement equation, as the longer someone lives, the longer their wealth needs to last, and the better they need to plan for longevity.

However, up to this point, most financial professionals have used a random age, like 95, or average life expectancy tables or government calculators to determine projected lifespan and don’t account for the critical role of personal attributes, decisions, and family history that are the predictors of long life.

WFP knows that most people aren’t average and that their unique lifespan and healthspan need to be determined to help make the best financial decisions.

We also know that the lifespan and healthspan of a spouse or significant other, if applicable, influence the financial decisions made. Without an accurate assessment of lifespan and healthspan for each, there could be a substantial unexpected gap between them that they are unaware of but need to plan for.

Better Info = Better Planning = Better Outcomes = Peace of Mind

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