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A New World of Financial Tech

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The intersection of breakthrough advancements in aging science and facial analytics with financial planning has created a whole new world for the way planning is done.


Many people still need to make a financial plan, which is the key to achieving financial success. Those who have created a plan or received help with it may have used outdated life expectancy tables, averages, and assumptions to develop their plan or may have yet to consider life expectancy.

The mission of Wealthspan Financial Partners is to bring better information to the planning process through
the implementation of breakthroughs in aging science and facial analytics.


Wealthspan represents the number of years wealth needs to last so there is enough money to meet the needs and desires of a client and still have money left over at death. Accomplishing this goal results in positive Wealthspan - the desired outcome. A neutral or negative Wealthspan outcome would result in a high probability of running out of money before death.

Without a clear understanding of lifespan and healthspan, it is almost impossible to determine wealthspan.
Unfortunately, the financial advisor community has largely ignored the importance of lifespan and healthspan. This oversight impacts millennials saving for retirement, Gen X and baby boomers very near retirement, and those already retired.

"Lifespan and healthspan planning are foundational to understanding Wealthspan."

Implications of Lifespan/Healthspan Assessments
Implication 01
Financial Planning
Implication 02
Investment Planning
Implication 03
Insurance Planning
Implication 04
Healthcare Planning
Implication 05
Tax Planning
Implication 06
Estate Planning

Scott, Financial Advisor

"You have hit upon a critical need. Most financial planning is guesswork unless clients and advisors can more accurately define lifespan."
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