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It's Official... Science meets Financial Planning ... and it's GOOD!

Updated: Jul 18

New Partnership Set to Revolutionize Financial Planning - Wealthspan Advisors, LLC and Lapetus Solutions, Inc. join forces to bring cutting edge science to wealth management

Embargo Date and Time: 11 November 2021; 9 a.m. eastern time

Chicago, IL and Wilmington, NC; 11 November - Wealthspan Advisors, LLC today announced it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Lapetus Solutions, Inc. to bring the science of aging and longevity to the wealth management and retirement planning industry. Through this partnership, to be named Wealthspan Financial Partners, LLC (WFP), the science-based life and healthy life calculators; offered through Lapetus Solutions, will be made available for the first time to WFP advisors and their clients to bring hyper-personalized precision to financial planning.

Wealthspan Advisors was founded by Kirk Ashburn and Jeff Stukey in 2020. Recognizing the combined importance of health, longevity, happiness, and wealth in their clients’ lives, Ashburn and Stukey embraced the term Wealthspan to exemplify the primary purpose of wealth management as the enhancement of quality of life. They then turned to the science behind aging and longevity for guidance from a world-renowned expert, Dr. S. Jay Olshansky – Chief Science Officer and co-founder of Lapetus.

According to Ashburn, “Estimating lifespan and healthspan has been done reliably in the world of science for the last half century – we’re bringing this and other new life and health assessment technologies to financial planning for the first time. With access to Lapetus Solutions’ leading-edge science, our primary goal in creating this partnership is to help advisors and clients achieve a Positive Wealthspan -- the ability to maximize prospects for health and wealth while leaving a financial legacy.”

Lapetus Solutions CEO and co-founder, Dr. Karl Ricanek, said “We are excited about the new partnership which will bring our science to benefit customers across North America. What’s appealing about WFP is the innovative idea that wealth managers should care not just about the financial status of their clients, but importantly, their health and happiness as well. The concept of Wealthspan exemplifies the critical importance of linking financial resources with science-based estimates of lifespan and healthspan.”

WFP will initially be operational in North America, with the opportunity to expand to other parts of the world. According to Ashburn, “Wealth managers can’t wait to get their hands on a technology that will allow them to connect with their clients in ways never before possible. Novel assessments of lifespan and healthspan can be completed remotely using readily available mobile devices, in a matter of minutes. According to Olshansky, “The future of wealth management has arrived, and certainly not too soon given that 10,000 people reach retirement ages every day in the United States.”

Further details about the deployment of a “Wealthspan Score” and other innovative technologies that will be used by WFP will be forthcoming.

For more information, please contact: Jeff Stukey Phone No: (616) 655-1691 Email address:

Lapetus Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2015 by academic scientists with the goal of integrating cutting edge life and health sciences with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and facial analytics to disintermediate life event sectors. For the wealth management and planning industry, Lapetus Solutions developed tools that enable financial advisors to create personalized client journeys that are faster, more cost-effective, and provide highly personalized life event estimations.

Wealthspan Advisors, LLC was formed in 2020 by Kirk Ashburn and Jeff Stukey, both financial services industry veterans for over 20 years. Kirk has served as a financial advisor to high-net-worth clients for many years helping them to prepare for retirement and working to ensure they met their goals and had the income they needed while also leaving a legacy. Jeff served in senior management roles to recruit and train hundreds of financial advisors around the country to help them better understand how to create a financial plan that will serve clients well.

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